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Philosophically we believe in making your brand a big success in your domain. Like other players we never impose our brand over your brand name or identity.

Content, Mock tests, Magazine or short notes are the most important items to make a good Brand name but it takes lots of effort and time to be created and get regularly updated also it is a very costly affair as well.

Establishing these services in-house for any individual coaching or institution is a herculean task and very difficult to manage as well. If you observe closely to the regular education institutes like schools or collages you will find that they never waste their time. Money or energy in all these activities.

We are here to help you doing your business with ease and confidence without worrying about totally non-productive activities like content creation, Mock test (Off-line/On-Line) creation, Assignments, Magazine, quizzes, Current Affairs Boosters or short notes for your students.

So enjoy our services and spend your quality time with your students and teachers for better services and teaching quality.

our portfolio

Books & Study Materials

Our books and study materials are based on latest trends and hand crafted by experienced faculties and mentors. Entire range of books and study material is available exclusively with your branding, with state of art cover designs and customized layout.

Online Test Facility

Domain with us, choice of placement is yours. All our on-line tests are best in the industry and unmatchable content to get your students some extra marks and keep them ahead in competition

Off-Line Test Facility

Regular on demand Off-Line Test Service to our partners is on very nominal rates with all India ranking and score sms facility to all their students on real time basis

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